The Lotus is an amazing community of folks dedicated to creating, enhancing, and consciously forming community wellness, personal well-being and an environment that respects both our planet and our humanity.

Photo Credit: Sheila Appleby Williams

The Lotus is a tranquil human sanctuary located in the Ortiz Mountains of Northern New Mexico. The Lotus is committed to providing space that nurtures caring and a politic of respect. This allows folks the freedom of being, healing and educating themselves to best practices that support both social justice, and the health and well-being of the individual. Through sharing our stories, art, animals, rest, music, healing arts, play, organic food and body products, therapies and other essential tools, we respect and honor our humanity, our families, our communities and our planet. 

The Lotus celebrates artful living.

Rest, creation, play, art, music, scent, healing, laughter, yoga, music... all while respecting the beauty of our planet. 

The Lotus is a place to stay, a place to rejuvenate the self, and a place to appreciate New Mexico. You can spend your days staring at our amazing art, getting lost in the canyon, treating yourself mind & body, or simply be seduced by our incredibly dynamic artist community. 

Lotus memebers are dedicated to serving the heart. We are here to help you reclaim your energy, center your mind, relax the body and nuture the spirit.

You are welcome here.