Sacred Objects

Sacred Objects are any objects that you may consider to carry a quality of sanctity and essential to the performance of a ritual. A ritual is the ceremonial enactment of an intention. It is the way we intentionally ingrain our needs and wishes into our lives. Ritual is a way to integrate specific energies into a conscious path and request universal support. It is the way we endow our actions, space and possessions with our intentions, enabling them to support our daily life, our dreams and our desires. You may choose to follow a traditional ritual (e.g. prayer) or develop your own. Whether you participate in rituals developed over time or the rituals you create for yourself, both can facilitate great transformation. Traditional rituals, especially if developed in a culture with which you identify, can honor heritage, ancestors and tradition. But remember that while performing rituals created by others, it is your intention that ignites the effectiveness of any ritual. Creating your own ritual accesses your innate creative spirit. It calls upon your intuition to support you in your practice and frees you to follow the flow of your own soul. All ceremonial objects are as powerful or as weak as the belief that is embedded into them through our intention or repeated use. It is with your conscious intention and belief in the way in which you use any object that you assign it power and importance. I encourage you to find your own meaning and assign your personal interpretations to any of the objects you see on this site. The meaning you assign your objects will render it that much more powerful - whether that is lighting a candle, worshiping a deity, or putting on your favorite lotion.