The Lotus Featured Artist: Shelly Johnson
Shelly Johnson's pop art enamel paintings feature twentieth century icons, spiritual imagery, political figures, musicians, local characters, and images from her many travels. She has been painting since the late 80's and has shown throughout the country in numerous galleries, including her own gallery in Madrid, 'A Wander out Yonder', and on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM. Shelly's work crosses all cultural barriers and her use of vibrant colors bring her paintings to life. The word 'pop' is synonymous with explode, burst and bang... all of which demonstrate the impact of Shelly's work. Shelly's biggest visual art influence is clearly Andy Warhol, but as published by Kathleen Sloan in THE magazine. Reversing Warhol’s economy of scale produces a unique result. Warhol's statement, "I want us all to be machines" is replaced with "We're a spiritual hive communicating by wave lengths." - Shelly Johnson

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